The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

3.0 star rating
3 reviews
Categories: Pet-Friendly Businesses
1 S Park Ave
(at 2nd St)
San Francisco, CA 94107
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Sat-Sun 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Price Range:$$

Good for:small dogs, large dogs

Services Offered:Outdoor Seating

Accepts Credit Cards:Yes

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I wanted to love this place because they offer gluten-free bread and a dog-friendly patio.

I had the feta sandwich with a side salad. The gluten-free bread was really good and toasted to a golden brown but there was hardly any cheese. It was like two pieces of toast with just a light smear of cheese. I was expecting an ooey-gooey dripping with melted cheese sandwich.,Hello - the name of the place is Grilled "Cheese", right?!
The accompanying salad was just a handful of mixed field greens from Costco with a very light vinaigrette. So light, I had a hard time telling if there was anything on the lettuce. The bright spot was getting a small tangerine with my lunch. It was perfect!

If I go back to this place, it would be for the patio, not the food. Eh.
I looove grilled cheese. Buttery crispy bread, oozy melty cheese, all smashed together, how can you say no?

Well, actually, I may say no to American next time if it means going during the lunch rush. Sandwiches go for about $7-10, which seems a bit steep for what you get--a smallish sandwich and mandarin orange. It's good, but not *that* good. If you expect me to pay that much for a grilled cheese, it better be damn good and better come with a side that you at least put some effort in. The biggest deal breaker, though, was the wait. It took forever. And ever. To their credit, they actually grill the sandwiches with butter the old fashioned way, instead of using a lame panini grill.

There is a spacious patio in front, which is where all of their table seating is. (There is some counter seating inside.) The owner of the place loves dogs, so dogs are always welcome on the patio! If it wasn't on the shady, windy side of the building, it would be quite a nice place to hang out and people watch.

EDIT 7/1/11:
Got there at 11:30 and the wait wasn't so bad! The patio was also quite sunny and warm. Unfortunately the sandwich was still just okay, and the hipsters working there were pretty snooty even before the big lunch rush hit.
I was getting some work done in South Park and my friend called me up for some lunch in the area. We decided to walk around the block from her work and check out the hip grilled cheese joint there. Known for the long lines, I had high hopes for this concept ever seeing it on America’s Next Great Restaurant and couldn’t wait to give it a try.

I ordered the mushroom grilled cheese and my friend had the basic grilled cheese with tomato. At $10 and $7 respectively, these were definitely not cheap eats. The only “side” they offer is an orange cutie, but that definitely didn’t make it a value meal. One of the biggest concerns from the show were the turnaround times, and I can tell you that they were pretty long. Even with tons of sandwiches pre-prepped (not sure how I feel about that), they still took forever to receive. Once they arrived, the mushroom was delicious while the regular was kind of plain and boring. Iono, I definitely don’t think I could eat it every day and I felt a little bit unsatisfied after the whole thing. Once you add sides and drinks, it gets downright expensive.

On the bright side, the patio is very pet-friendly and they welcome your dogs to join you any time. The lines can get kind of ridiculous during lunch so it’s best to come early. Not my favorite lunch spot in the area, but at least the mushroom grilled cheese was tasty.

Food: 7/10

Service: 6/10

Price: $$

Atmosphere: 8/10